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To provide our client with a top quality inspection at the best possible price, INSPECT does not provide a flat fee structure for Full Home Inspections.

Full Home Inspection fees are based on the property’s size, age, location, type of construction and typically average between $300.00 – $450.00.

Larger / multi-family homes or commercial properties can average more.

Florida Statutes: (468.8319) prohibit the Inspector from holding financial interest in the property to be inspected, therefore all fees must be paid in full prior to any inspection report being delivered to the Client(s). 

We accept Visa / Mastercard, check, cash.

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Wind Mitigation Inspection: $125.00.

4-Point Insurance Inspection: $150.00.* **

*4-Point follow-up Inspections if needed due to faulty equipment (deficiencies) listed on the Insurance 4-point form resulting in the Insurance underwriter or home owner requiring a re-inspection: $125.00 per trip.

** 4-point inspection consisting of more than one HVAC system, one water heater or two bathrooms may be subject to an additional inspection fee, contact for a quote.

(Mileage fees may apply outside normal service areas.)

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